Levin was last year pre-nominated for a Swiss Music Award in 2016 with the title “Best Talent Juni” from SRF 3 in Switzerland.

He is currently working with star producer Lars The Music Guy for a promising new EP, which is due to be released this year.

Picture for MyCoke Finals in Autumn 2015

In autumn 2016 he will be singing at the SEAT Music Session, alongside stars like Johannes Oerding from Germany. In addition, he can still be heard until autumn this year at the “Frank Sinatra” shows, at theater Rigiblick Zurich for the 100th anniversary of “Ol ‘Blue Eyes”. Included at the shows are also Sandra Studer, Pino Gasparini, Raphael Jost and the Zurich Jazz Orchestra.

Concert for CD Launch in May 2015 at the Volkshaus in Zürich

Next appearances with Band: Honky Tonk Festival in Luzern on 29th April 2016 & Konzepthalle 6 in Thun on 7th May 2016.

Live on Stage at the MyCoke Finals in Autumn 2015

Shot during production of “If A Song” in New York

All Tour dates from Levin are available at: www.levinmusic.com

Listen to Levin Deger Sing “Fly Me 2 The Moon” for Acoustic Pleasures.