Nicole Bircher

Nicole Bircher is a TV Presenter, Moderator and Model seen on Sat.1 Schweiz with her own television program called Landuf-Landab and is also reguarly seen on Meteo News giving the TV weather forecasts.


You are not only presenting on TV with landuf-landab & Meteo News but are also part of the WELLFARE team and partner from Simon Wellfare. From where do you get your inspiration?

I love to sit alone in coffee shops and observe people. I find it very interesting to watch how the people’s body language is, what they are wearing and how they combine their clothes. I am also a big fan of nature. There are a large variety of colours in the nature, which gives me a lot of inspiration.

At WELLFARE you are a source of motivation. Where do you get so much power?

Over the last five years I had to thoroughly deal with myself. It was a very difficult time for me and I have learned a great deal by doing so. Today I am much more relaxed and now enjoy my life full of optimism and being much more in tune with myself. This is the source for my enormous power. Working for me is like active vacation, which may sound a bit corny, but it is indeed true. My personal philosophy is that if you are doing something with all of your heart and passion almost all of your dreams come true. This is what I live for.

You worked for a long time as a model and now you are a moderator for your own show on almost all stations in Switzerland & you also moderate Meteo News. How did this happen?

This is a long story and thanks to lucky and unexpected chances a new door has always opened up for me. I am currently moderating the series “landuf-landab” which is my own production and program for SAT.1. Schweiz, and this makes me very happy. The series is being produced by my own company “MotionProduction“.


You have visited many cities and countries in relation to your work. Do you have a favorite country that you visited?

I am a big fan of Italy. In Italy you can eat well, enjoy the good weather, drink good wine and not to forget, Italy is also a great place for fashion. I was also learning Italian in Ravenna for a couple of weeks and I definitely enjoyed “Dolce Vita”.

Do you have any advice for people that want to follow a similar path to yours?

When you have dreams and this is really big in your heart then you need to “go for it” and not listen to what other people say even when they speak negative about your ideas. If you feel something you are doing is good then you need to follow your own way and do not hesitate in doing it.


Simon Wellfare founded his brand a few years ago! This must of meant a lot of work for you both?

We of course both knew that there would be a lot of work on it’s way to us. I support Simon as much as I can, which often means us both working till the early hours of the morning. This is not always so easy when everyone else is sleeping longer on a Sunday morning and we are standing up early to take good use of the day. On the other hand we have lovely times and super experiences together that I would never want to miss.

Photos – courtesy of © Gerry EbnerNicole Bircher & © Simon Wellfare.