Al Walser

Coming from the small country of Lichtenstein he has pursued everthing successfully to succeed in music, in America. Today Al Walser is an international Grammy Nominated Artist.

As producer, radio and TV host, nomination and voting committee member of the GRAMMY academy and member of the Motion Picture Association Of America (MPAA), Al Walser has become a sought after personality in the American Entertainment World.


His status gives him the unique opportunity to not only build close relationships with stars like Mariah Carrey, Sharon Stone, Jay Leno, Snoop Dogg, Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder, but also to key political personalities such as President Barack Obama.

Al’s family has been close to the Jackson’s since the 70’s and often spent time with Michael Jackson and his siblings. “That was a great reason to pay tribute to Michael after his death”. Together with Jermaine and the MJ ALL STARS the song “Living Your Dream” became AL Walser’s personal good-bye.

Al Walser expresses this be being an artist first, mirrored by his energy, passion and style. He acts to make people react and was born to peform.


Starting his Career at the early age of 13 years he was winning Karaoke competitions within Germany, Switzerland, Austria and his native country Lichtenstein. When Radio Liechtenstein was founded in 1995, a young Al Walser quickly rose to become the country’s first native Radio DJ personality.


After his Radio stint he joined the Hamburg based Pop Group Fun Factory with whom he toured throughout the World. Al Wrote, performed and co produced many of the group hit tracks. One of the many hit songs “Party With Fun Factory” became Japan’s most played Dance song in it’s era, also topping Japan’s ZIP 100 charts. As a member of the legendary Team 33 production team in Hamburg, Al Walser, wrote and produced also projects from producer Dieter Bohlen, such as “Kids in America” from Touche. Other projects included dance chart project 2 Eivissa and a 1 year solo tour with Berlin’s #1 Hit Station JAM FM. Al Walser is in fact Liechtenstein’s very first biracial citizen!

Photos – courtesy of © Al Walser & Joelina Drews © Splash Agency & © 20 Minuten.